Please visit our new website for information about becoming a Notary Public : 

A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required by SFU for admittance into the MAALS Program. Persons who wish to become a Notary who do not meet the GPA requirements are encouraged to contact SFU Criminology department to enquire into the Certificate in Legal Studies. 

New Pre-requisites

There are two new pre-requisites. Every applicant must complete a University Level, Basic Accounting Course, and every applicant will be required to complete a written exercise as part of the interview process. 

Examples of a courses that would qualify for the accounting requisite include: 

TRU Open University

Distance Learning Portal

Other institutions may offer similar programs. 

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to have completed the Accounting Course requirement prior to the panel interviews (March). The pre-requisite must be met prior to starting the Practical Training Program.   

Law and Legal Studies

Applicants who have no experience or education in law/legal studies are strongly encouraged to supplement their applications with suitable courses. The preferred couse is SFU Certificate in Legal Studies Program however other educational institutions offer equivalent programs.

The most common reason for rejecting an application is no evidence of law/legal studies or experience. 

Documents and Forms
  Title Last Updated
Preliminary Application 11-May-2020
Statement of Assets and Liabilities 11-Sep-2019
Privacy Policy 2019 11-Sep-2019
Guidelines for Persons with a Canadian Law Degree 31-Jan-2020
Direct Contact 03-Dec-2018

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